Laurel S

Please note: Some work is missing from the following classes due to hard drive faillure in Winter 2018. Unfortunately not all of the course work for these courses was backed up. However, all of these components where digitally turned into the instructors of those respective classes. 
These courses include:
LA 331/L
LA 332/L
LA 553
LA 302
LA 521/L
LA 499-GIS
LA 505/L
LA 509/L
LA 510/L
Additional courses that have been taken for this degree but were not avaliable for uploads include:
RS 5200
URP 499- China Program
ARC 405/L- China Program


Bachelors of Science in Health Science- Community Health Education
California State University, Long Beach
Masters in Landscape Architecture
California State Polytechnic University Pomona