Lyle Center Open House Kicks Off 25th Anniversary Celebration

Elected officials and university leaders, alumni and prospective students, and faculty and students gathered on Nov. 1 to observe the ways that the vision of a landscape architecture professor has been sustained and how it has evolved since the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies opened its doors 25 years ago.

More than 100 guests attended the Lyle Center Open House to tour the grounds for the first time, to get reacquainted with former classmates, and to watch demonstrations on sustainability projects from students majoring in environmental design, engineering, agriculture and biological sciences. Notable attendees included alumni Covina Mayor Walter Allen III ('72, urban and regional planning); Covina Community Development Director Brian Lee ('84, urban and regional planning); and Cal Poly Pomona supporters Steve and Marian Dodge.

In 1976, landscape architecture professor John Lyle challenged his graduate students to design a community that operated on the value of living within the limits of renewable resources without imperling the environment. (Learn more about the Center's history and milestones.) The Open House sought to show the continuation of his legacy.

The event also kicked off the 25th year anniversary program in 2019, which will include:

  • A semester-long lecture series revolving around climate change, the built environment and natural systems;
  • A farm-to-table cocktail/dinner in late September 2019
  • An exhibition of John T. Lyle's work and legacy co-curated by Landscape Architecture Professor Emeritus Mark von Wodtke; and 
  • The opening digital access to the John T. Lyle Digital Archives, a repository of works, papers and other visual resources donated by his wife Harriett Lyle and daughter Cybele Lyle.